4 Reasons Why Charleston Has a Small Town Feel

Posted by Lee and Katherine Keadle on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 4:36pm.

When on the lookout for Charleston Real Estate, you may be looking for something the appeal of a smaller town. While the peninsula may not have a small town feel, there are several areas in Charleston that are not only charming, but provide you with the small town feel that you normally find in the country. Here's why:

  1. Charleston Has a Low Crime Rate

Walking around any big city will have you grabbing onto your purse and feeling generally unsafe. Charleston is a little different because the city is very safe, with a violent crime ratio of 1000:2.39.

Locals are proud of their city and its history, and there is so much to do beyond going to the beach or one of the many parks in the area.

  1. Charleston is Friendly

Small towns have a good vibe because people are polite, friendly and always have a smile on their face. Charleston was named one of the friendliest cities in America by Travel + Leisure, while also being voted the most polite and hospitable city in the country by Southern Living Magazine.

Charleston offers the politeness that you normally find a small town, and the quality of life is very high in the city.

The weather is beautiful, and the crime rate is low. Charleston in general is a great place to live, and the small town feel is even more evident when you talked to strangers on the street, or people wave to you that you don’t even know.

  1. Charleston's Population is Small (Compared to Other Major Cities)

Living in New York or Dallas means that you’re in a big city with millions of people. While Charleston is the second biggest city in all of South Carolina, the population as of 2013 was just 128,000 people.

You’ll find life in the city with entertainment, restaurants and a variety of other activities to enjoy, but the population is rather small, leaving you feeling more comfortable and confident within the city.

  1. Charleston Has a Unique Mix of Architecture

You can get lost in Charleston, and take a trip back in time. The French Quarter is very popular, and the architecture in the area is unique. Founded in 1670, you’ll find many old architectural styles in the city, such as:

  • Greek Revival

  • Queen Anne

  • Georgian

  • Federal

  • Italianate

Beautiful in every way, millions of people visit the city just to take in the sights of the beautiful architecture. When you want to feel alone, simply go to the beach and relax in the beautiful sand with the ocean waves crashing behind you.

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