Best Haunted Houses in Charleston

Posted by Lee and Katherine Keadle on Friday, November 13th, 2015 at 9:41am.

Discover some of Charleston’s spookiest places below!

Charleston is a city steeped in history, war, bloodshed and turmoil. As one of the most historic cities on the East Coast, Charleston is known for its famous ghost stories and is home to some of the best haunted houses in the state. The next time you’re in for a fright, be sure to check out these haunted hotspots.

Battery Carriage House Inn

Located on 20 South Battery, this historic inn was built in 1843 and is home to several ghosts. However, two rooms in particular are known for their ghostly activity: Room Eight and Room Ten.

Guests say that Room Eight is haunted by the Headless Torso, the apparition of a Civil War soldier who moans menacingly. Room Ten is home to a spirit that guests call the Gentleman Caller, who is fond of female guests.

Charleston Orphan House

In 1918, a tragic fire burned the city’s orphan house, and rumor has it that many orphans died during this tragic event. It is said that these orphans have returned to haunt the residents who live in the dorm of the now-demolished orphan house.

Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Situated on 122 East Bay St., this storied public building is said to be home to the ghosts of pirates and patriots. People have reported hearing moans emanating from the dungeon where pirates were once held while awaiting execution.

Old Jail

On 21 Magazine Street sits a grim building that was built in 1802. The piece of land where the Old Jail currently stands was a site of death and misery well before the structure was built. In fact, this is the location of a burial ground. It was where the infamous Lavinia Fisher and her husband John were held before they were executed in 1820. The jail held criminals for over 137 years, and today people report hearing creaking doors, seeing apparitions with glowing red eyes, and smelling smoke. There’s also a story that tells of one tour guide dodging a brick thrown by one of the angry ghosts.

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