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Posted by Lee and Katherine Keadle on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 at 4:28pm.

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With more than 10 years of experience in the Charleston real estate market, we’re often asked by home buyers, sellers, and Realtors why we choose to work for Carolina One Real Estate. In fact, on an almost weekly basis we receive phone calls and emails from other Brokers asking us to join their company. These offers often include lunch or dinner at a well-known Charleston restaurant. Once, a broker even told us that his real estate office would be getting an ice cream machine (an intriguing angle for a pitch considering that he knew how much my wife/business partner loves ice cream)!

With such enticing offers, why don’t we transfer our licenses to one of the many Charleston real estate companies around? The answer is simple: if we want to continue serving as one of the top real estate groups in Charleston, we have to work for the best real estate company. When it comes to sales statistics, professionalism, home listing quality and quantity, reputation, long-term market shares, and general good-doing, you won’t find a better company than Carolina One Real Estate in Charleston, SC.

The Top Selling Real Estate Company in Charleston

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Since 1991, Carolina One Real Estate has been the top selling real estate company in Charleston. In 2013, Carolina One represented 7,124 buyers and sellers, which was 28.5% of the market share for the entire MLS. In the graph to the right, you’ll see that second place earned 7.9% and third place earned 5.6% of the market share. In other words, Carolina One closed more than three times what its biggest competitor sold when you look at end of the year MLS statistics.

Below you’ll see another chart showing the final MLS sales for 2012. Representing 6,220 buyers and sellers, Carolina One Real Estate made up 30.4% of the market share (selling nearly four times what the runner up closed for the year).

Doing Things for You Only #1 Can Do

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This company slogan applies to Realtors as well as home buyers and sellers. From an agent’s perspective the brand recognition, resources, and office locations are absolutely necessary for building your own real estate business. I enjoy having 11 offices throughout the tri-county area that I can use to meet clients, whether we’re beginning their search or using the space to draw up an offer to purchase after finding their perfect home. I have a private office space in the West Islands office on Folly Road (James Island), but I spend enough time at the three Mt. Pleasant offices that the managers and brokers know me pretty well!

Home buyers can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that they’re being represented by one of the best Charleston real estate companies. From the time that we spend touring homes and neighborhoods to negotiating offers to working on as smooth a closing as possible, I know (based on feedback) that the buyers I help appreciate the relationships I’ve established through Carolina One and the benefits I can provide simply because of the company I work for.

Listing a Home with Carolina One Real Estate

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The advantages of listing a home through Carolina One Real Estate are probably more obvious. When listing a home for sale, it’s important to have an agent and company who can give the home the largest and broadest exposure. Carolina One’s longstanding relationship with The Post and Courier (the South’s oldest daily newspaper and one of the most visited websites in South Carolina) gives its agents ideal advertising and other promotional advantages. Additional exposure comes from the real estate magazines Homes and Homesites and Portfolio. Broadcasting open houses and direct mail is also made as efficient and effective as possible thanks to our fantastic marketing department.

Carolina One offers a wealth of information and resources to its agents – from absorption rate statistics to salability indexes to supply and demand statistics to Floorplan Online to the Now Showing program. Perhaps the most effective, though, is our weekly Caravan. When a home is listed for sale, the Carolina One agents in the nearby office tour the home and give feedback based on their knowledge and experience. Usually about thirty real estate agents tour the home, which gives plenty of different perspectives on the listing and also allows the agents to see for themselves whether the home would be a good fit for any of their current buyers.

See why the Keadle Real Estate Group is among the top 1% of Charleston real estate agents!

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