Earn Income from Your Folly Beach Vacation Rental Home

Posted by Lee and Katherine Keadle on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 1:45pm.

earn income from my folly beach vacation rental home

Folly Beach is one of the best areas of Charleston for vacation rentals. Known for its laid back style and colorful atmosphere, Folly Beach is one of South Carolina’s most popular beaches. Visitors flock from all over the country to walk its pier, eat at its local restaurants and bars, photograph the Morris Island lighthouse, surf in its competitions, and relax on its 6 miles of oceanfront.

If you’d like to earn income from your Folly Beach home, you should consider placing it on a local rental program. Folly’s popularity and rentability make it ideal for generating income, and you can still enjoy using the home during weeks that you’re in town. Renting out your vacation home can be a fantastic way to:

  • Help cover the costs of insurance, taxes, and maintenance
  • Benefit from tax write offs for expenses related to the property
  • Help pay for improvements made the home
  • Create cash flow on a home that has little to no monthly mortgage payment

Most homeowners who use their Folly Beach property as a second home live out of town. It can be overwhelming for them to manage daily tasks such as booking reservations, responding to inquiries, marketing their home, getting the home professionally cleaned after guests leave, and ensuring there are clean linens when new guests arrive.

We highly recommend using a local property management company to handle vacation rentals. The management fee is a tax write off and is absolutely worth the cost. Our company, Carolina One Real Estate, has a 24 hour on call service for the vacation rentals they manage. They can handle everything from repairing a leaky kitchen sink to personally booking reservations. Hiring a property management company will help take the work and burden out of your vacation home so that you spend more time enjoying the home and doing what’s most important to you.

Do You Already Own a Folly Beach Home?

Contact us for more info about how Carolina One Real Estate can manage your vacation rental. We’ll work with you to maximize your home’s rental income. We’ll explain how we market our homes and the tools we use to get as much exposure as possible. We can also provide you with a rental projection that will estimate the amount your home should rent for based on its location, size, and features.

Are You Considering Buying a Vacation Home at Folly Beach?

The Folly Beach homes that tend to rent out for the most money (and attract the most renters) are located within walking distance of the beach and the entertainment on Center Street. Vacationers want easy access to the ocean. They also don’t want to drive around the island or worry about parking when they go out for dinner or drinks.

The Keadle Group can help you find the perfect vacation home that will meet your own needs in addition to performing as a strong rental investment. We can work with the Vacation Rental Property Management to compare rental projections for various properties before you make an offer on a home so that you have a better idea of the return you can expect on your investment.

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