How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger When Selling

Posted by Lee and Katherine Keadle on Monday, April 23rd, 2018 at 3:15pm.

ways to make a home feel larger

After showing literally thousands of homes, it's easy to spot: sellers who have outgrown their home. Often, it was the first home they had ever bought. It was all they could afford at the time, and its 1200 square feet was enough.

Several years later (with perhaps a pet, spouse, or kid added to the household), they're ready to sell their home and move up to a larger house. However, it's obvious to real estate agents and even some home buyers that this house might not be big enough. Whether you're selling a home with 600 or 2,000 square feet, you want the space to feel as big as possible. Here are some tips we've found to help maximize every room in your house!

Remove as Much Stuff from Each Room as Possible

Unless you're a complete minimalist, there's probably unnecessary furniture, pictures, and stuff in every room of your home that you could do without for a month or two while listing your property. Think of it this way: you'll be moving soon, so it's a good idea to go ahead and start putting things into boxes. Get a jump start on your move by starting the packing process early!

Although you don't want the home to look vacant, chances are that you need to do some serious decluttering before listing your home. Horizontal surfaces like coffee tables, fireplace mantels, bedside tables, and bathroom sinks should have as much surface space showing as possible. Even if you have to rent a storage unit or PODS unit, it's worth the time and money spent to get your home show ready.

Kitchen Counters Should Have No More Than 2 Items

If you need a coffee maker and toaster every morning, then you're in luck! Utensil holders, spoon rests, decorative cutting boards, and other sentimental items are fine for everyday living, but they take up a lot of counter space. Home buyers need to see the counters and not the stuff on them.

While you're at it, be sure to take all the pictures, note cards, and other papers off your fridge!

Hire a Professional Photographer

Sometimes real estate agents think only million dollar listings should be professionally photographed. However, we've found the best value for this service is with smaller homes. A $3,000 camera with wide angled lens plus Photoshop can do wonders when trying to capture smaller rooms. Having the proper lighting and brightness also make a big difference. And since most of these professionals charge based on square footage, this affordability is one perk of selling a smaller home! Definitely worth the money.

Neutral Paint Colors Create an Open Feel

Especially in tighter spaces, sellers can't risk having bold or dark paint colors. These types of paints tend to break up the rooms in a house, and you need every room to feel as open and spacious as possible. Believe me when I say that 10 foot bedroom walls look a lot smaller when they're painted pink!

Keep Your Window Curtains Open

You don't want potential buyers to feel confined during showings. By opening curtains and blinds, you encourage buyers to look out the windows and past the walls of your home. Even if the view is of a small yard, they'll appreciate the open feel and natural light that this trick provides.

Make Sure All Your Lights are Working

The only thing that's worse than a cramped home is a dark, cramped home. Check all the light bulbs in your home and replace them as needed. If a light fixture doesn't work, it's best to go ahead and get it repaired or replaced - not just for the brightness it provides during showings, but also because buyers might see this as a red flag for other maintenance issues.

The Keadle Group Can Sell Even Small Homes!

Right now is an excellent time to sell a home in Charleston! Especially if you're looking to move up to a larger home for sale in Charleston, you couldn't ask for better market conditions. Contact The Keadle Group to get started!

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