Park West in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Posted by on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 1:21pm.

As the largest neighborhood in Charleston, the Park West community in Mt. Pleasant makes its way onto many home buyers’ short lists of neighborhoods to consider. The traffic lights at the two entrances on Hwy 17 and Hwy 41 allow easy access to and from the rest of Mt. Pleasant. Prospective buyers are generally very impressed with the reflecting pool and landscaping upon entering the community. And the subsections are more hidden compared to other communities. Overall, Park West feels quite secluded from the rest of Mount Pleasant. There are lots of trees, green spaces, and walking trails throughout. Much of this will probably be developed in the future, but for now residents can enjoy a good deal of space between many of the subsections.     
Home prices in Park West range from condos and townhouses in starter prices to multi-million dollar houses on the marsh. The Battery at Park West and Madison at Park West have the least expensive options in the community – and some of the least expensive for newer homes in Mt. Pleasant. These are both condo communities, and the lowest prices right now are in the $150’s. 
There are more townhouse options compared to condos in Park West, but they’re also more expensive. Buyers looking for townhouses in Park West should check out the subsections The Gates (which will be the most affordable), Keswick, Cambridge Commons, Preston, Kensington, Hampshire, and Tennyson Row.
If you’re looking for houses in Park West, you’ll find a range to choose from. The least expensive will be in subsections like Wellesley Place, where homes start just under $250K. Arlington and The Village have mid priced homes. Some of the nicest subsections include Wheatstone, Tennyson, Pembroke, Andover, Bergenfield, and Masonborough.    
Park West is a great neighborhood because of the large selection of homes and the good amenities, but it’s certainly not for every home buyer. The sheer size of this community puts off many buyers, since it’s really like a small town in itself. You’ll find schools and stores within the community, which is appealing to many buyers – you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood to take the kids to school or to get your car washed! But for some buyers, Park West is a bit too much. 
A lot of buyers will get overwhelmed when I first take them to Park West – between all the round-abouts, homes, and signs, sometimes buyers are ready to drive to the next neighborhood on their list to see. So, it completely depends on what the buyers are looking for. The best way to know if Park West is a good match for you is to take a drive through it.
If you have a home search in Mt. Pleasant, you’ll almost definitely have a few Park West homes in your search results. So, it’s good to know a little bit about the community. I’d recommend at least checking out a few of the homes there if you’re considering Mt. Pleasant. After all, it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods. But, if you find that it doesn’t fit your style, know that Mt. Pleasant has a lot of good communities to choose from!  

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