Pros and Cons of Living in Mount Pleasant SC

Posted by Lee and Katherine Keadle on Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 3:46pm.

As one of the nation's top 10 fastest growing cities, Mount Pleasant is Charleston's most popular area to live. The past decade has seen a surge of activity from home buyers, and new construction communities have popped up throughout the suburb in an effort to meet this rising demand. As real estate agents who specialize in helping buyers relocate, we're asked on an almost daily basis to give both pros and cons for Mt. Pleasant - so we've decided to sum up these conversations in a blog:

Pros: Why Home Buyers Choose to Live in Mt. Pleasant

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Great Public Schools
Mount Pleasant is known for having some of the best public schools in Charleston, which is why you'll find very few private school options. Almost all residents choose to go the public route because there are so many newly built schools with fantastic rankings.

Plenty of Shopping and Entertainment
With tons of restaurants and shops scattered throughout, you'll find plenty of things to do in Mount Pleasant without having to leave the suburb. Catch a movie at one of two theaters, exercise at one of the many parks, browse for a new book at Barnes and Noble, or spend an afternoon shopping - all within minutes of your home.

Close to the Beaches
You'll find two of South Carolina's best beaches (the Isle of Palms and historic Sullivan's Island) within a 5-15 minute drive of most homes. Some Mount Pleasant neighborhoods are even within biking distance (just ask us for recommendations).

An Upscale Feel with Well Manicured Spaces
Because it's one of Charleston's newer suburbs, most of the shopping centers and other public spaces are pretty new and very well maintained. Even the main thoroughfare in Mount Pleasant, Hwy 17, is landscaped and irrigated in order to maintain the chic atmosphere that the area is known for.

So Many Options for Great Neighborhoods with Amenities
Home buyers are typically very impressed when we take them out to see homes and neighborhoods for the first time. There are so many communities with full amenities that we've created a checklist for Mount Pleasant neighborhoods with amenities.

Cons: Even Mount Pleasant Has Them

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When it comes to everyday living, every city has both pros and cons. Two of the main drawbacks for Mt. Pleasant are price and traffic.

Pricier Real Estate
With the exception of downtown Charleston, Mt. Pleasant has some of the highest priced non-beach real estate in the area. Simply put, there are so many buyers who want to live in Mt. Pleasant that this demand has significantly increased real estate prices in the past ten years. The silver lining of this point is that Mount Pleasant real estate is a great investment because of this steady demand from home buyers. Residents can enjoy a steady appreciation on their home (some of the highest in the metro area).

Heavier Traffic
The second deterrent that we often hear from home buyers is that Mount Pleasant has a lot of traffic. Residents and visitors alike often choose Mt. Pleasant for entertainment because there is simply a lot to do. The surge of commercial growth that we've seen in the past ten years has lead to a good bit of traffic. Buyers who are looking to cut down on time spent in the car have two options. They can consider the Old Mt. Pleasant section, which is just over the Ravenel Bridge from downtown. Home prices in this section are quite high, though. (Expect to pay $500K plus for one of these houses.) Buying a home inside Hwy 41 is also a good way to reduce commute time in the under $450K price range. Or, buyers can also consider James Island or West Ashley which are located on the opposite side of the Charleston Peninsula. Here, you'll find a large selection of homes priced under $400K that are still within a 10 minute drive of Downtown Charleston.

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