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How is the Charleston, South Carolina housing market doing? Trulia provides substantial information based off of thousands of homes that have been listed during the months of July 2015 and October 2015.

The Charleston Real Estate market has seen a major boost in the third quarter. The median sale price for homes in the city has risen 2.2% on the year, up $5,000 to $230,000. We are also able to see which neighborhoods have the highest average listing prices (which we’ll discuss shortly).

A Look at the Housing Market by the Number of Bedrooms

The number of home sales have actually dropped by 37.2% year on year. But, the prices of homes have increased, which may be the reason for slower sales. During the third quarter, we’ve seen the following price

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With more than 10 years of experience in the Charleston real estate market, we’re often asked by home buyers, sellers, and Realtors why we choose to work for Carolina One Real Estate. In fact, on an almost weekly basis we receive phone calls and emails from other Brokers asking us to join their company. These offers often include lunch or dinner at a well-known Charleston restaurant. Once, a broker even told us that his real estate office would be getting an ice cream machine (an intriguing angle for a pitch considering that he knew how much my wife/business partner loves ice cream)!

With such enticing offers, why don’t we transfer our licenses to one of the many Charleston real estate companies around? The answer is simple: if we want to continue

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We wanted to take a minute to thank our current and past clients. This has been one of our most successful years in the past decade. So much of our business comes from past clients who return to us for buying investment properties or moving up to a larger home. Or, they recommend us to their friends and family. Thank you for helping us do what we love – guiding buyers and sellers to make the best financial decisions possible. For most people, buying a home is the single largest investment they make in their lifetimes, and we are honored that you choose us to facilitate the process.

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