July 2007

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James Island, SC is one of the most popular areas to live in Charleston, and it has a wide selection of homes to choose from.  In price ranges under $200,000, we recommend looking at condos and townhouses in James Island.  You can find a condo with one bedroom and one bath right now for about $140,000.  These are some of the least expensive homes on James Island that are in a good location.  James Island townhouses are slightly more expensive, and they start around $150,000.


Houses on James Island start around $210,000.  Although it’s possible to find houses in James Island for less, most home buyers choose not to invest in these after they go to see them.  They generally need more work and out-of-pocket expense than most buyers are willing to

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Mount Pleasant in Charleston, SC has plenty of neighborhoods for home buyers to choose from.  In price ranges under $250,000, we recommend that home buyers look at condos and townhouses.  It is possible to find single family houses in Mt. Pleasant under $250,000.  However, these houses are usually either modular homes, or they would require more repairs and out-of-pocket expenses than most people want to make.  In Mt. Pleasant, you can find a good starter house in price ranges just under $300,000. 


But, don’t worry if you can’t afford $300K for a home!  Mount Pleasant has plenty of nice townhouses and condos starting around $160,000 right now.  These prices are some of the lowest Mount Pleasant has seen in a couple of years, so it is a good time to

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When you’re looking at homes to buy in Charleston, SC, be sure to keep in mind the basic real estate principles of progression and regression.  In a nutshell, these principles state that it is better to buy a lower priced home in a neighborhood of varying real estate prices in Charleston or in any other real estate market. 


In a neighborhood where home prices vary, the lower priced homes will increase in value because of the higher priced homes.  The more expensive homes raise the property value of the less expensive homes.  This idea is called the principle of progression.


On the other hand, the more expensive homes “go down in value” because of the less expensive homes.  These higher priced homes will not literally depreciate in value

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In our years of experience selling real estate, we have easily walked through more than a thousand homes for sale in the Charleston, SC area.  Some homes are very well staged for showings, and you can tell that the home owners have really taken care of the home and have made good improvements to it.  And, the money that the owners spent to update or improve the home should be paid back in full (and maybe with some profit) when they sell it.


Although we’ve seen some really good home improvements that pay off in the end, we’ve also seen some really bad home improvements.  In fact, some of the worst features we’ve seen in homes for sale have actually been made by the sellers from “do-it-yourself” projects. 


Sellers assume if they spend $10,000

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