September 2007

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When getting your home in Charleston ready to sell, don’t forget that there are many things that you can do to increase your home's value. After spending time addressing the inside of the home itself, head outside and apply the same critical eye to the yard and exterior of your home. This is your chance to create a real visual impact with your home. Curb appeal is very important in the sale of a home, as it is more often the curb appeal that interests people in a home in the first place.


There are so many different things that can be done to a yard to spruce up the home's appearance that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. If there is any junk lying about, start with getting rid of it. A clean slate to work on is always a great starting

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Around the summer of last year, the Charleston real estate market (like many others around the country) experienced a drop in home prices.  Fluctuations are natural in real estate markets and anything else that is economically based.  Most of us are familiar with the charts that have a wavy line that steadily rises with a pattern of high points (called crests) followed by low points (called troughs).  The Charleston real estate market had experienced such a rapid increase of home prices in the eight years before that a drop in the market was predicted months before it started to happen.


Most real estate experts agree that this is the lowest point – the trough – of real estate prices.  Some experts even believe that prices are starting to go up again

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The islands that surround Charleston are associated with a distinct lifestyle of luxury and relaxation.  Islands like James Island, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Sullivan's Island, Wadmalaw Island, and Daniel Island are home to a number of beautiful homes and resort communities. If you are considering a move to the Charleston area and have always wanted to enjoy waterfront real estate in Charleston or any of its surrounding areas, these islands are worth a look.


Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, and Daniel Island showcase high-class housing with a great variety of recreational options like golf, tennis, and horseback riding. Many of the islands are home to some of the most historic homes and sites in the area, such as Fort Moultrie and

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