April 2016

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better location or bigger home

As real estate prices increase around the country, home buyers are having to make tough decisions regarding their needs and wants. As Realtors, we hear some of the same questions over and over when buyers discuss two different lifestyles. We’ve included below pros and cons of each lifestyle to help home buyers whittle down what is most important to them for their next purchase.

Upscale Home or Upscale Location?

When relocating to Charleston or any other city, it’s hard for buyers to know which are the best areas to live. The most sought after areas are always the most expensive due to the high demand for real estate. In Charleston, areas like Downtown, Mt. Pleasant, and James Island give the best possible proximity to historic sites, the

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why my real estate offer was rejected

When home buyers find their perfect match and make an offer, it can be devastating to find out that the offer was rejected. Many buyers right now are underestimating their market and don’t understand how strong of a sellers’ market we’re seeing in most cities around the country. Especially when buyers are coming from a slower paced market, it can take missing out on a home or two before they realize they’re going to have to pay close to full price to get the home they really want. As buyers’ agents, it can be tough on everyone involved when our clients have to learn the hard way.

If you’re a buyer actively searching in a sellers’ market, we’ve got all the info you need to make your offer count! If you’ve found your perfect home to purchase, don’t

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