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waterfront home prices charleston sc

We’ve included below some of the most frequently asked questions we get from home buyers in case you’ve wondered some these questions yourself!

  • Lot sizes in Charleston: Many buyers are surprised to learn that the average lot size for a newer home is about .2 acre unless you’re looking in the $500K plus price range. For older homes built in the 1980’s or before, you’ll find an average lot size of about .4 acre. With the exception of Dunes West, acre sized lots are difficult to find under $1 million unless you look in the rural areas like Johns Island, Wadmalaw, or Rural West Ashley (areas known for their farmland and horse pastures).
  • Waterfront homes: Because waterfront properties are the most sought after in Charleston, this demand drives up
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cartoon on getting a mortgage

We’ve included below info and tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that can help you plan for your home purchase:

    • Many Americans don’t realize that Federal laws allow them to get a free credit report check every 12 months from all 3 of the credit reporting companies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). Not only is this a good way to catch identity theft, but it also helps you keep the info on your credit reports accurate and up to date. Correcting mistakes on your credit report can help increase your score in less than 30 days. The authorized, free website to do this is
    • Generally the higher your credit score, the less you’ll pay for a mortgage. If you’re several months out from purchasing a home,
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mcleod plantation charleston james island

Because Charleston is full of famous historic sites, we wanted to let you know about a new option that is now available. McLeod Plantation Historic Site opened to the public in April after several long awaited years of research and restoration. This 36 acre plantation is located on James Island and overlooks Wappoo Creek.

When it was established in 1851, it served as a sea island cotton plantation. At this heritage site, visitors can trace the emergence of Gullah Culture in the Lowcountry, tour the McLeod family home and slave cabins, learn about the dynamics of plantation life before and after slavery, and view the 600 year old McLeod Oak.

Its hours of operation are currently Tuesday through Sunday (9 AM to 4 PM), and it is closed on Mondays.

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tips to avoid overspending on a home

If there’s anything we learned from the housing market down turn of 2008, it’s that buyers need to purchase homes they can afford. Too often as real estate agents, we see buyers with plenty of debt and only a moderate income getting half a million dollar homes. Some buyers assume that if a lender is able to creatively get them qualified for a $500K home, that should be the price range they shop for. However, you need to make your own personal decision on what price range and monthly mortgage payment you’re comfortable with.

Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

Getting pre-approved should be the first step in your home search for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that knowing what you can afford can make a difference in the size, quality,

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