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historic home mt pleasant

Despite its location just across the harbor from historic Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant has few historic homes for sale at any given time. Some buyers assume that the suburb’s close proximity to one of the South’s most historic port cities means that Mt. Pleasant must have a large historic district. Although the number of historic home listings is small, they leave a big impression on buyers with their gracious porches, expansive water views, Charleston charm, and rich history.

Almost all of the historic homes are located in the Old Village community which was founded in 1680. A 67 acre plantation named Mount Pleasant originated the town’s name. The plantation’s original house still stands, and this circa 1755 Hibben House is on the National

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beaches near mt pleasant sc

Want to live as close to the beach as possible? Who wouldn't! We talk to so many buyers (especially those relocating) who have dreamed of living near the beach.

Mount Pleasant is a fantastic suburb to consider for this lifestyle since most of its homes are within 5 to 15 minutes of 2 of Charleston's best beaches (Sullivan's Island and the Isle of Palms).

If you want to live within biking distance of the beach, these are the neighborhoods you'll want to consider. Just click on the neighborhoods to view current listings, pricing, community photos, school info, and more!

Bike to Isle of Palms via the Connector in Mt. Pleasant

You'll find mostly single family homes in this category. Living near the Isle of Palms Connector is ideal for easy

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commuting via ravenel bridge mt pleasant

While Mount Pleasant is known for its fantastic public schools, wide range of entertainment, and neighborhoods with full amenities, perhaps the only downside to living in this upscale suburb is the traffic. It’s been recently named the 9th fastest growing city in the country, so commuting is an important factor to consider when buying a home. The communities with the closest proximity to Downtown especially (see below, Ravenel Bridge) are some of the most expensive due to the high demand from home buyers. Keep this trade off in mind when comparing neighborhoods because generally the best locations tend to have the highest prices per square foot. However, if a shorter commute leads to a better quality of life, more time spent with family, and less

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cons of lease to purchase homes

Many home buyers are eager to purchase a home because they understand that now is a good time to buy: prices are rising quickly, interest rates are low, and the inventory of homes for sale is shrinking. However, not all of these buyers who are willing to purchase are able to at the moment. Perhaps they have a home they need to sell in order to qualify for (or feel comfortable taking on) a mortgage. Or perhaps they need to save money for a down payment, work to improve their credit score, or wait for divorce paperwork to get settled. Although these home buyers want to purchase, a financial or personal setback delays their time frame by 6 to 12 months.

Buyers might consider lease to purchase homes because they seem like an ideal solution. In these

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As one of the nation's top 10 fastest growing cities, Mount Pleasant is Charleston's most popular area to live. The past decade has seen a surge of activity from home buyers, and new construction communities have popped up throughout the suburb in an effort to meet this rising demand. As real estate agents who specialize in helping buyers relocate, we're asked on an almost daily basis to give both pros and cons for Mt. Pleasant - so we've decided to sum up these conversations in a blog:

Pros: Why Home Buyers Choose to Live in Mt. Pleasant

mt pleasant sc living

Great Public Schools
Mount Pleasant is known for having some of the best public schools in Charleston, which is why you'll find very few private school options. Almost all residents choose to go the public

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rural awendaw homes

While many home buyers choose to live in Mount Pleasant for the endless entertainment options, public parks, nightlife, and proximity to the beaches, some people prefer to simply live near these attractions but want to create a rural lifestyle. For these buyers who want fewer neighbors and more open spaces, Awendaw is a fantastic area to consider.

Located 20 minutes north of Mt. Pleasant Towne Centre, Awendaw is a small town with few planned communities and massive tracts of protected wildlife areas nearby such as the Francis Marion National Forest, Avian Conservation Center, Bonneau Ferry Wildlife Management Area, and Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Most residents drive 10 to 15 minutes for grocery stores, trips to Walmart, or restaurants

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shem creek mt pleasant sc

Shem Creek is one of the most photographed and visited spots in Mount Pleasant, SC – and for good reason. It’s hard to beat catching a drink or local seafood dinner with friends while watching the sun set over the marsh. Few areas of Mt. Pleasant are as picturesque or as laid back as Shem Creek.

History of Shem Creek

The Eastern Sioux Sewee Indians originally lived along the creek, and today’s name comes from the Native American word shemee. British settlers began establishing this area in the 1670s. Over the next two decades, Captain Florence O'Sullivan owned the land due to a land grant and changed the name of the creek to Sullivan’s Creek. (On a side note, this is also how Sullivan’s Island got its name.) Next, ownership changed to Captain

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