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The real estate market is open to more fluctuation than many other kinds of markets. That being said, the real estate market is also one that has shown remarkable stability over time and the ability to appreciate even in the toughest of times. Many investors have made their fortune prospecting on the real estate market. As this fact becomes more publicly known, the country has developed a love affair with the concept of investing in real estate as opposed to other realms of investment like the stock market or mutual funds. This is not to say that there isn't a tidy profit to be seen from those other markets, but real estate has continually proven to be one of the most prolific and rewarding investment options.


Several factors can influence real

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It’s impossible for buyers to think about everything involved in the home buying process.  So, we’ve included 5 things to consider when buying a home.   


1. Plan ahead. You may be planning on living in your new home forever, but you should still have an exit strategy in mind. If you needed to sell your home in the future, would you be able to? Would you get any money from the sale? Spend some time talking with your realtor about the resale value of the homes that you are considering.


2. Get everything in writing. This is extremely important. Make sure that everything concerning the sale of the home is in writing. This will ensure that everyone does what they are obligated to do and that there are no ambiguities about what is expected during

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Perhaps the two most important factors in any home sale are the condition of the home and how the home is priced. Condition and pricing can very easily make or break a sale (the latter leaving a home stalled on the market and susceptible to price reductions or lack of interest). Buyers are looking for a home that presents an impressive and attractive package both in respect to how the home looks and in how the home is priced compared to other like homes. Without a good impression and a good price, a home is almost impossible to sell, which can be difficult to overcome and stressful to deal with (especially for the sellers).


The reality of the real estate market is that homes need to present a unified and desirable visual image to buyers. This good

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With home flipping becoming as popular as it has in the past several years, interested investors and DIY'ers are forever seeking the perfect real estate market to flip homes. Several markets around the nation have been tapped into with great success. Although we have not seen as many home flips this past year, we saw quite a few in the previous years. Many of these homes that have been renovated for flipping have been what is referred to as “cosmetically fixed,” which means that mostly the visual aspects of the home have been improved. However, the calling card of a truly well done home flip is the updating of the home's vital systems, like the electrical and plumbing.


In an area like Charleston SC many of the older homes have a great location or

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In today's real estate market, two distinct types of agents have emerged – the buyer's agent and the listing agent. The typical image of an agent is of the buyer's agent who works solely for a client buying a new home. The listing agent, conversely, is an agent who specializes in preparing a home for the market and selling it.


The primary objective of a listing agent is to use smart marketing techniques that put the listed home in front of as many buyers and buyers’ agents as possible. This process goes far beyond putting up a sign and hoping that some interest is piqued. In fact, posting a sign is merely the start of a long and involved process. Where the buyer's agent deals mainly with prospective home buyers, the listing agent concerns him or

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7. Furnaces – A proper inspection will ensure that the burner, the blower, and the heat exchanger are all in working order. It should also ensure that there are low levels of carbon monoxide being produced and that no rusting or debris clogging up the works.


8.  Garages - Many of the standards of a home apply to a garage. The more common mistakes in garages are things such as “do-it-yourself” wiring, unsafe overhead door mechanisms, improper firewall separation between the house and garage, and the lack of a fire rated door between home and garage.


9. Insulation and Ventilation - This can be one of the most common causes of high heating bills. A lack of sufficient insulation can also cause moisture problems and cost the homeowner a lot of

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Most home buyers know that they need to get a home inspection before they purchase a home, but many buyers know very little about the actual home inspection process. Home inspections are usually required by the mortgage lender, and we strongly recommend getting this performed. It’s important for new home buyers to familiarize themselves with this process as it makes them knowledgeable about the home they are purchasing. In understanding the process, it is necessary to define exactly what a home inspection is, and what an inspector's responsibilities are.


A home inspection is simply a visual inspection of a structure and property, and it is made by a trained and qualified professional. This inspector should be able to accurately assess the condition

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