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Charleston battery historic home

Owning a historic home is just one of the many reasons people move to Charleston. Known for its variety of architecture types, the city is also overflowing with opportunities to buy historic homes whether you want a plantation home or something a little simpler as found in the French Quarter. With its rich history and vibrant culture, you don't want to miss our on Charleston Real Estate and the history associated with it. 

In the city, there are some locations that have more desirable historic properties than others due to walkability, nearby sites and attractions, and proximity to the water. These areas include:

South of Broad

This is where history began in the city. A neighborhood of stately historic homes, you’ll find beautiful homes in

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waterfront property charleston

Charleston is home to a variety of waterfront properties from ocean view to beachfront, shallow water, deep water, marsh front, and tidal creek. Homes with waterfront views and easy beach access are the most expensive in the area, but they boast a location that can’t be beat.

Waterfront Properties in the City

Charleston is well known for having some of the best boating on the eastern seaboard, and deep water homes are in high demand. The majority of these homes are situated on the one of the city’s three rivers that feed into the harbor: Ashley, Wando, and Cooper. Many of these homes not only offer spectacular views, but also feature private boat lifts and docks.

Just west of the Ashley River is home to some of Charleston’s premiere

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charleston sc architectural buildings

Charleston architectural styles are diverse and exciting. This thriving city offers styles ranging from Georgian to Italian. In total, there are nine styles that encompass most of the real estate in the city:

  • Colonial: Few windows and a low foundation are the two main characteristics of these homes from the 1600s and 1700s.
  • Georgian: Raised basements and boxed chimneys are associated with the Georgian architectural type.
  • Federal: Fan lights, balconies and staircases are all traits of the federal style which appeared after the Revolutionary War.
  • Gothic Revival: Often associated with a “castle look,” the Gothic Revival look can be seen on many exteriors in the city.
  • Plantation: Beautiful, elaborate homes. The plantation home showcases
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retiring in charleston south carolina

Ready to retire? Many retirees are finding that Charleston, South Carolina has the perfect mix of affordability and fun for the graceful retiree. Not only is the state swelling with historical homes, but the median home price in the area is just $203,000.


Not as hot as Florida yet much milder winters than Maine or New Jersey, South Carolina has mild winters and warm summers. Coastal areas are much better in terms of winter temperatures with 60 degrees being the average during the winter and nights dropping to 38 degrees.

Snowfall in the state is very minimal with many years recording no snowfall. The exception will be near the Blue Ridge Mountains, which averages 12 inches of snow per year.


Keep more money in your pocket.

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