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home selling deal killers

Some home features are subjective and could very well appeal to the right buyer. Worse case, they pose a problem with an easy solution. For example, a lime green accent wall will turn off most buyers but can be easily remedied with a bucket of paint. However, there are 5 deal killers I’ve found in the literally thousands of showings I’ve done that consistently put a halt in the showing. And it’s a shame because sometimes buyers really love the home until they discover the deal killer.

If you’re a seller, and you realize that one of these applies to you, don’t worry. We’ve also included solutions below to keep your showings from getting derailed:

Above Ground Pools and Hot Tubs Create Hassel

Although above ground pools and hot tubs can be fun,

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mount pleasant county park

You might have noticed that The Keadle Group loves Charleston County Parks! As Gold Pass Members and frequent visitors of the parks, we also include lots of their events and festivals on our social media posts, blogs, and weekly home listing updates. Whether you're considering relocating to Mount Pleasant or already live in the area and are looking for things to do, you must check out the Palmetto Islands County Park location off Longpoint Road!

This county park offers 943 acres of preserved wetlands, woodlands, and ponds for residents to enjoy. Here are some of the special features included in admission:

  • Paved nature trails for walking, jogging, and biking
  • Crabbing dock with kayak launch
  • A large playground that accommodates a wide age
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ways to make a home feel larger

After showing literally thousands of homes, it's easy to spot: sellers who have outgrown their home. Often, it was the first home they had ever bought. It was all they could afford at the time, and its 1200 square feet was enough.

Several years later (with perhaps a pet, spouse, or kid added to the household), they're ready to sell their home and move up to a larger house. However, it's obvious to real estate agents and even some home buyers that this house might not be big enough. Whether you're selling a home with 600 or 2,000 square feet, you want the space to feel as big as possible. Here are some tips we've found to help maximize every room in your house!

Remove as Much Stuff from Each Room as Possible

Unless you're a complete

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real estate terms to learn before buying a home

When purchasing a home, you'll encounter plenty of jargon. In real estate, terms like ratification and earnest money are discussed before you even make an offer on a home. Plus, mortgage lenders have their own language to discuss how you'll be paying for the largest investment of your life. Although buying a home can be daunting, learning some of the most common terminology can help with each step of the process.

Earnest Money

When you make an offer to purchase, you'll need to include an earnest money deposit as part of your written agreement to show the sellers that you are "earnest" in your intent to buy their home. The amount is typically 1-3% of the purchase price, so on a $200,000 home you can expect to pay roughly $2,000. This deposit will

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benefits of working with cash buyers

In a strong sellers' market, home buyers are told again and again that they have the lower hand when it comes to making offers. However, cash buyers have the strongest negotiating power of any type of home buyer for several reasons. For these cash buyers, it's still a sellers' market - but with more advantages. And in a multiple offer situation, sellers might choose the cash buyer even if his offer price is lower because there are fewer unknowns (and fewer causes for the home to fall out of contract).

Financing is Not a Concern

In our current housing climate of stricter mortgage rules and escalating prices, financing is a very common reason that real estate deals fall apart. Even buyers who have a pre-approval letter in hand when they make an

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best things to do in mount pleasant

Mount Pleasant is one of the most coveted communities around Charleston, SC, and for good reason. Living in this desirable area puts a resident within walking, biking and short driving distance of many fantastic activities. Mount Pleasant is the Keadle Real Estate Group's specialty! We endlessly boast about the fulfilling lifestyle that this sought after community has to offer. If you are considering this popular area as a possible location for your upcoming home purchase, you won't look anywhere else after you read these top 6 things to do in Mount Pleasant:

  1. Take a short trip to the beach. Depending on a home's location, you might want to hop on your bike to reach one of the area's 2 acclaimed beaches. If you aren't within biking distance,

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common myths in real estate

When buyers or sellers enter the real estate market, they come armed with real estate myths that have been circulated many times over from one year to the next. At Keadle Real Estate Group, our expert Charleston real estate professionals frequently hear the same misleading notions about when and how to buy and sell a home. To clear the air, here are 4 of the most common real estate myths and the truths that hide behind the fallacies:

  1. Myth: Your home must be empty in order to garner the highest possible price.

Truth: While your home shouldn’t be cluttered or unkempt, you do not need to move out of your home or live with a bed and a few utensils before you list your home for sale.

  1. Myth: Wait until the spring to list your

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how to create privacy in your backyard

Some home buyers can’t look past a backyard with neighbors close by. Whether the house backs up directly to the home behind it or the neighbors on either side are closer than you’d like, know that there are ways to create privacy when you have a smaller lot size. All that’s required is a good idea and a vision.

Install Shutters or Curtains on Your Screened Porch

In our Charleston South Carolina market, a screened porch is a must for many home buyers. However, if you visit a listing and worry that the porch is too exposed for relaxation, we have two solutions. The more affordable option is to put up curtains so that you can choose whether to leave them open or closed. This is an easy, do-it-yourself fix that can also help keep your back porch

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