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how to avoid home buyers remorse

Whether you are looking to buy a home in the bustling heart of Charleston or in the private community of Sullivan’s Island, a home may come with more than you bargained after the purchase is complete. Often, your eyes will mask the imperfections of a home until after you have settled in and begin to see the home with a fresh perspective, which can result in a sense of remorse that forces the question of whether you should have chosen a different home.

The real estate professionals of Keadle Real Estate Group seek to inform every client about the ins and outs of a home prior to closing in order to assist our clients with making a wise home purchase. In line with our commitment to every home buyer’s overall satisfaction, here are 4 ways to avoid

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Once you are ready to make the big move from your dorm into your own place, the real estate professionals of the Keadle Real Estate Group can help you find the perfect residence in or around Charleston, SC. Before you start getting out the packing boxes, here are 4 things you should consider when you begin your search for Charleston Real Estate for Sale:

1. Location: When looking in certain areas, take into account your short-term needs. Do you like the busy city life, a suburban sprawl, or the relaxed lifestyle near the beach? Do you prefer quick access to a highway for ease of commuting or would you like the peace that comes with living off the beaten path? We recommend visiting different communities in various areas before narrowing your search

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Here at the Keadle Group, we share a lot of statistics and charts for the residential Charleston real estate market. However, we wanted to focus this blog on current trends and future forecasts for the Charleston economy as a whole.

Job Market in Charleston

charleston sc economy

Charleston’s economy over the past decade has remained strong compared to similar sized cities around the country because it has varied sources of revenue and job growth. The biggest employers include the Medical University of South Carolina, the Port of Charleston, the Air Force Base and Navy Base, College of Charleston, Roper St. Francis Healthcare, the Charleston International Airport, KapStone Paper and Packaging, MeadWestvaco, and large national corporations (Bosch, Boeing, Google).

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Every real estate professional of the Keadle Real Estate Group loves the Charleston area and is familiar with the rewards of calling this great area “home.” If you are considering moving to the Holy City and wonder what makes it such a fantastic place to live, here are 10 things to love about Charleston:

  1. Real Estate: From elegant homes with white columns to modern condos with all of the amenities, anyone can find a place that is perfect for them. With thousands of Charleston Real Estate homes available, the perfect home may be just around the corner!

  2. History: If you love history, Charleston is the place to live. From historic buildings to plantations dating back hundreds of years, you cannot escape the pull of yesteryear as you stroll

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charleston taxes

Since we get a lot of questions about real estate taxes in Charleston, we’ve included a tax estimator below. Often buyers assume that they’ll pay the same amount in taxes as the previous owners, but when a home is recently purchased the assessed amount usually changes. Because Charleston’s home prices have increased so much in the past few years, the taxes are generally higher for the new home owner.

This is the most accurate Charleston County tax estimator we’ve found for primary residents. It’s recently been updated, so if it’s been a few months since you visited the county’s website, you might want to plug in your numbers to check the results.

Remember that second homes/investment properties are taxed at the 6% rate instead of the owner

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Before relocating to a new area, it is wise to research the cost of living associated with a particular community, town, or city, as well as the career prospects available to new residents. The real estate professionals of the Keadle Real Estate Group often answer detailed questions from clients inquiring about how affordable it is to live in Charleston and how the job market is faring compared to the rest of the country.

Depending on your finances, Charleston can be an exceptionally affordable place to live. Exploring a greater variety of communities in the local areas will open up the doors to a multitude of appealing properties that fit your income level. For example, certain areas will have higher taxes and insurance, which will increase the cost

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When Is the Right Time To Buy Your First HouseBuying your first house is an exciting adventure, especially when you are looking in or around the beautiful areas of Charleston. However, your enthusiasm must be met with conscious forethought and careful planning. There are many factors that must be taken into account to determine the ideal timing for a first-home purchase. At the Keadle Real Estate Group, we love the homes and communities of Charleston as much as you do, but we also understand that purchasing your first home is a monumental financial leap. To assist you with your home buying strategy, here are 3 factors you must consider in determining when it’s the right time to buy your first house:

  1. Are your finances and career stable? Defaulting on a mortgage can seriously damage your

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charleston flood zones

Since it's hurricane season on the East Coast, we wanted to discuss the main flood zones in Charleston. As real estate agents, these are conversations we have regularly with buyers, whether they’re starting out their home search (trying to estimate ongoing tax and insurance costs) or narrowing down to just a few homes (weighing the pros and cons before making an offer to purchase).

There are 3 main brackets of flood zones you’ll find throughout the Charleston tri-county area:

X: Charleston’s Safest Flood Zone

The X flood zone is the safest for buying Charleston real estate because it is the lowest risk for flooding. FEMA uses this category for properties that have seen no flooding or less than 1 foot of collected water in the past 100 year

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Once you’ve visited the “Holy City,” its appeal is undeniable. Charleston is a metropolitan area with a small town feel, which is nearly impossible for other cities and towns to accomplish. It’s no wonder that Charleston is consistently voted to be one of the best places in the U.S. to live, work, and visit. At The Keadle Real Estate Group, we cannot argue with its beauty or intrinsic charm, as we are long-time devoted residents of Charleston. If you are considering purchasing Charleston Real Estate, here are 5 advantages to buying in Charleston:

  1. Historical significance: First settled in 1663, Charleston has a palpable history coursing through the city’s streets and buildings. It provides its residents with the benefit of living in close

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