Location and Affordability

Posted by on Thursday, January 10th, 2008 at 2:09pm.

Many of the Charleston areas (like James Island) have a much larger selection of condos on the market compared to townhouses right now.  However, there is quite a demand for townhouses in this area since so many buyers want a close proximity to downtown Charleston and to the beach without the high cost.  Condos and townhouses are a great way for buyers to have the best of both worlds – yes, location and affordability!  However, given the choice between condos and townhouses, many buyers opt for townhouses so that they can share fewer walls with neighbors and sometimes have a private backyard.


Condos fall under a different type of property ownership than townhouses – with condos, you legally own the space of the condo and share ownership of common areas (such as parking lots, green spaces, etc.) with the other condo owners.  On the other hand, when you own a townhouse, you typically own a small piece of land in addition to the home.  Townhouses often have a small, fenced backyard that is private.  For this reason, many home buyers choose townhouses over condos. 


Townhouses are still relatively low maintenance.  Townhouses, like condos, have a monthly regime fee that usually covers maintenance of the common areas, access to amenities, building maintenance, and sometimes even a termite bond.


If you’re thinking about buying a home in Charleston, SC and you want to have a close proximity to the beaches and downtown Charleston, you may want to consider condos or townhouses – especially townhouses.  If your price range is under $225,000, this is the best way for you to buy in a good location and get a nicer home that is affordable. 

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